Mycroft AI


What I’m doing:

When I started college, I switched most of my devices over to Apple products. The integrations that they offer make life and a lot of other tracking of tasks and docs much easier for me. I miss using Linux on the desktop but the iPhone and Apple Watch are what every phone/smart watch should strive for. I was gifted some HomePods a while back and I like the ability to turn lights on/off and adjust temperatures, etc. All this tracking that is involved bothers me.

I’ve wanted to try building a Mycroft AI for years but have never taken the time to make it happen, until last night. I wanted to buy a Mark II but the price has always been an issue. I would have built one on a Pi 4, but they are extremely hard to come by these days.

Setting Up the Laptop

I have an old Lenovo laptop sitting around that was missing the N key. I decided that, with the built in camera, microphone, and speakers, it would be a perfect machine to run Mycroft on. I installed a standard Linux Mint XFCE edition on it and ran the typical updates. I confirmed that the camera, speakers, and microphone all worked and then reboot one final time.

Installing Mycroft AI

Installing Mycroft AI is really easy to install. The instructions on the Mycroft AI website for linux are incredibly easy to follow.

  1. Clone the git repo:
    git clone
  2. Move into the mycroft-core directory:
    cd mycroft-core
  3. Now run the install script:
  4. Once the install was complete, just run:
    ./ all

Boom! Now you can talk to Mycroft!

Just a quick fun project, I hope this helps, somehow.