New Software

Software move is now complete

Well, the move to Jekyll is now complete. I’ve also switched to a new virtual host. I still highly recommend ut I got a really good deal through the new host.

I’m hoping that I can remember to blog a little better but we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

Hard Drive Failure

Unfortunately, last week I had a hard drive finally give out on me. I was using it for work but it wasn’t an overly important server so I’ll rebuild it when I have spare time with a new hard drive. Just have to keep thing simple for now I guess.

Keep tuned, more to come.

Migration from Ghost to Jekyll

Consider this your only warning

I’m in the process of moving the from Ghost over to Jekyll. I’m only intending on dragging a few posts from the original blog over to this one. I’ll continue to use the disqus comment system and comments will be (read: should be) brought over with the original posts. Here are a the specifics of the software I’m using to maintain the site after the conversion.

Software Purpose
Jekyll static hmtl creation
Github raw site version tracking and decentralization
ReText Markdown editor

So, as a warning to all of you that follow this blog via RSS, you may see a lot of activity over the next couple weeks, including some reposts of old activity.

You have been warned

Intitial Post

Well, it’s Friday the 13th and I had nothing better to do than to make a test post on my site. there will very likely be a lot of test posts come around a lot over the next few days/weeks.

Things are just getting interesting!

Great Things To Come!


This is going to be a great experience.

A couple of things I really would like to do with this is:

  • resume
  • weekly post on personal tech activities
  • Certification Practices
  • Who knows what else!


Here be a sample post with a custom background image. To utilize this “feature” just add the following YAML to a post’s front matter.

  background: filename.png

This little bit of YAML makes the assumption that your background image asset is in the /images folder. If you place it somewhere else or are hotlinking from the web, just include the full http(s):// URL. Either way you should have a background image that is tiled.

If you want to set a background image for the entire site just add background: filename.png to your _config.yml and BOOM — background images on every page!

Background images from Subtle Patterns (Subtle Patterns) / CC BY-SA 3.0